Hans-Jürgen Möller


Prof. Dr. Dr. hc mult. Hans-Jürgen Möller

Department of Psychiatry

Hans-Jürgen Möller, MD, worked from 1994 to 2012 as Professor of Psychiatry and Chairman of the Psychiatric Department at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich (Germany), where he acts now as professor emeritus. 

From 1980 to 1988 he was Professor of Psychiatry at Munich Technical University, and from 1988 to 1994 full Professor of Psychiatry and Chairman of the Psychiatric Department at the University of Bonn (Germany).

Professor Möller’s main scientific contributions include clinical and neurobiological research into psychiatry, schizophrenia and depression, and clinical psychopharmacology. Professor Möller has written and co-authored over 1,100 publications, including a huge number of original articles (Hirsch Factor 68) and several books. He was certified2014 by Thomson Reuters among 1% of researches for most cited papers (2002-2012).

He is co-editor of “European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience”, and co-editor of “Psychopharmakotherapie”. He is one of the founding editors and former chief editor of the German Journal of the “World Journal of Biological Psychiatry”. 

He was President of the World Federation of Society of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP), President of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) and Chairman of the Section on Pharmacopsychiatry of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA). He is Past-President of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum (CINP). He received several honorary doctor degrees  and numerous  research awards, among others the very prestigious Jean Delay Price of the WPA and the Longterm Achievement Award of the WFSBP. 

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